img_1872Hi, I’m Natalie, a holistic health and lifestyle coach, seasonal yoga and meditation teacher, raw food teacher, holistic therapist, natural skincare formulator,  and passionate foodie based in Brighton, UK.

I love creating recipes that are nutritious, fun and simple to make, taste amazing, and are kind tor animals and the environment. I am always vegan and wheat free, usually low sugar and sometimes raw. I find this is the best fit for my body and the recipes I share here will reflect that. I hope you like them.

I believe that the path to true health and happiness doesn’t just include what I put in my mouth. My life, work, family, passions, physical activity, creativity, self-care and spiritual side all need to be nurtured and balanced for me to be living my best possible life and be truly healthy and happy. I’m here to share some of my ideas and techniques in the hope that they may help others to become healthy and happy. Holistically healthy as I like to say!

I also believe in living and eating seasonally. To achieve true health we need to realign with nature and the cycles of the year. Our bodies need different things at different times throughout the year and if we honour that and support our bodies through the changing seasons we will find we are healthier, happier and more at peace with the world. I teach seasonal yoga which incorporates an evolving yoga practice, meditation, pranayama as well as dietary advice and lifestyle habits to help us flow through the year with grace and ease. I’ll be sharing information about that in this blog too. You can read more about Seasonal Yoga on my Brighton Natural Therapies website.