Trusting in the Universe – Crazy or Intuitive?

I’ve had a rough few weeks

Two years ago my neck and shoulder were damaged in a car accident. My car was hit because it was in the way during a high-speed police chase. The police were pursuing a stolen vehicle at a speed of around 60 miles an hour on a small residential back street.

My car was smashed across the road by the man driving the stolen vehicle. There was no time or space for me to get out of the way. As a result of this, I have suffered extreme travel anxiety, to the point of not being able to drive and being very scared and anxious as a passenger. I have also been struggling with neck and shoulder pain.


Repetitive Strain Injury

For the last 11 months, I have been working in a health food shop which involves heavy manual handling and repetitive till work. As a consequence of an already damaged shoulder, I have developed a very debilitating RSI type condition in my right rotator cuff joint and the muscles and tendons around it.

I’ve been off sick for two weeks and am now on amended duties doing office work (which still hurts as I found out on my first day back, sitting at a computer all day). It has been really tough coping with all of this and coming to the decision to leave my job, both of which left m unable to sleep at night.


The Power of Three

This injury was the third sign from the universe, and I firmly believe in the power of three. If the universe gives you three clear signs about something, that’s when you sit up and pay attention. So I handed in my notice. Which is very scary because of the loss of finances, especially when my hubby is only earning a small amount from his writing at the moment.

But I am trusting the universe. Trusting that it loves me and wants the best for me. Trusting my intuition, my higher self. Before getting the job in the shop I was teaching raw food workshops, seasonal yoga classes, meditation classes, and also coaching private clients, freelance writing and practising holistic therapies. And I ran my own retreats for a while too. I love all these things, they each have the power to touch someone’s life in a positive way.

I’ve had a few people recently asking me about my food prep classes and treatments (the second sign from the universe), but never had time to do them while I was working full time. I’ve really been missing them. I love teaching and helping people to get healthier, happier and more in touch with their true selves.

I’ve also been missing my little boy, not being there to pick him up from school and play with him and see him develop and change. I’ve struggled with this for a while now, (first sign from the universe) and just tried to squash it down, telling myself I was doing the best thing for him, earning money. But he just wants his mama to be there again.


Internal voices

So I’ve decided to quit my job and focus once again on helping people and spending time with my boy. It’s really scary, and sometimes, especially at night in the dark, thinking ‘Nat, what the hell are you doing, you crazy fool? How can you give up a steady income just like that? Yeah, sure your shoulder’s not right, but it will heal, and you can get back to work properly. You have a husband and a child to support, be realistic.’

But then another voice pipes up, one that feels like it is coming from much deeper within, from my heart mind, not my head mind. That voice says to me ‘you know you can’t be truly happy or healthy if you continue to ignore your true life’s purpose. You know you’re here to help people, you know you have a mission. You know you need to live on purpose, with passion, courage and fire. Yes it’s scary, yes it’s risky, but everything that’s worthwhile is.’ I feel that voice speaks more truth somehow, it feels more ancient, wiser, connected to something bigger.

So I listened. And here I am. Working out my notice, only one more payday to go before it ends. Hoping that voice was right. Hoping I can pull it off, to be able to help people and support my family. I know that’s what lights me up, I know I have a gift, I know I can help. And I have the strong desire to do so.


What’s next?

Now what? What is my plan of action? What feels like it’s calling loudest to me? I very much feel like people are wanting and needing to become more in tune with the cycles and rhythms of nature.

I trained in seasonal yoga, a style which encompasses traditional Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga, meditation, pranayama (breath techniques), food and lifestyle advice, Qigong and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) philosophy to help attune the practitioner with the seasons and cycles of nature.

Our bodies need different things at different times of the year, and so our practice, diet and lifestyle should adapt to match our needs. This is one of the main keys to real health.

I am studying my health coaching certificate at IIN – The Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York. At IIN they don’t teach you one way of coaching or one style of eating, they encourage you to develop your own passions and beliefs and to treat each of your clients as the beautiful, unique individual that they are. Each person’s needs are different.


Putting it all together

I would love to bring my knowledge of seasonal eating and living to my coaching, as well as the physical practice if appropriate for and wanted by the client. I would also love to start teaching my seasonal yoga classes again, here in Brighton where I live, and possibly online.

I am also going to carry on blogging, freelance writing (which I love), and offering what I can through this space in the hopes that I may help others to live a healthier, happier and more spiritually fulfilled life.


What about you?

Have you ever made a seemingly crazy decision because you just had to listen to your heart instead of your head? Did it turn out to be the right choice? I’d really love to hear (the good and the bad). Please comment if you feel called to share! Or called to wish me luck haha!

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