Creating a High Vibrational Home Part 2

Continued from the post ‘Create a High Vibrational Home Part One’


The bedroom is probably the most important room to focus on. If you go out of your house to work, your bedroom is the room you spend the most time in your home. You also sleep here, and the vibrational frequency of your room will affect your quality of sleep.

Get rid of blue lights and technology

I can’t stress the importance of this enough. There is a lot of research pointing to the fact that lights shining in your room at night are very bad for your health and disrupt proper sleep patterns due to throwing your circadian rhythm (your biological clock) out of kilter. The worst type of light is that from smartphones and tablets, which is on the blue wavelength, and the blue charging lights that many devices have.

This wavelength is particularly strong at suppressing the secretion of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain that is secreted into the bloodstream when it gets darker after sunset. Melatonin has a calming and sleep inducing effect, and if there is not enough of this hormone entering the bloodstream due to too much light and especially blue light at night, you will find it harder to fall asleep and have good quality sleep. So get the tech out of the bedroom.

Make your bedroom cosy and inviting

Just like we discussed earlier, investing in some sumptuous throws, bedspreads and cushions can really transform a space. I love the style of soft furnishings from India and Morocco. They are bright and vibrantly colourful and they make me happy. I have them on the wall and covering the bed. And as I said, sari fabrics are cheap and easy to buy and look lovely hung over wardrobe doors, windows or even to drape over poles above the bed – this creates a canopy, princess style! Soft fluffy rugs are nice to have by the bed as they feel lovely on the feet when getting up in the morning. Don’t use animal skins though, that’s really low vibration.


What you eat goes a long way towards raising your vibration. Eating plant based foods that are locally grown, organic and free from chemicals and other nasties will massively affect your energy frequency. Ensure your kitchen is helping you to enjoy eating and preparing high vibrational food.

Have a fruit bowl on the table or counter top brimming with organic seasonal fruits for fast and healthy snacking.

Organise your fridge so that it is easy to grab healthy ingredients for a speedy mid week high vibrational meal. Try getting some paper bags and filling each one with the ingredients you’ll need for your morning green smoothie, all prepped and ready to throw into the blender. Or how about washing and trimming your veg and leafy greens so that you can throw together a salad or stir fry at a moments notice?

Set your kitchen up in a logical way so that you’re not travelling from one end to the other hundreds of times in one session, and have all your equipment washed and put back so it is easy to locate and ready to use when you are in a hurry. Stress is a sure fire way to lower your vibration, so keeping your environment easy and pleasurable to use is a must.

Living room

When you are lounging in your lounge, you want to feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. Look back at the point about soft furnishings and find yourself some sumptuous throws and cushions for your sofa.

Limit television usage

Television is actually pretty bad for your health. It has been linked to the rise obesity amongst adults and children. It promotes unhealthy sugary junk food and leads to inactivity. It emits a low level radiation and artificial light that causes poor eyesight and insomnia. It inhibits the natural creativity and thinking processes of the brain. It affects the nervous system and induces headaches. My favourite author Stephen King calls the television ‘the quacking box in the corner’ and I’d have to agree with him.

Now I am not saying it doesn’t have its benefits – there are some great educational documentaries and entertaining dramas available which can bring people and families together in conversation – just make sure you limit your viewing time. If possible don’t make it the last thing you do before going to bed as like all screens including tablets, computers and smartphones, it stimulates the brain and makes falling asleep and getting good quality sleep much harder. If possible, listen to calming music or read before bed.

Musical instrument

As we discussed in part one, music is really great at raising your vibration. Playing an instrument takes this one step further. Once you get past the initial learning stage where there may be some frustration, playing an instrument is a very relaxing and creative way to spend your time. It forms new neural pathways in the brain and can have similar effects to meditation.

Bookshelf & desk

Reading inspirational and feel good books is a great way to keep you positive and optimistic. Like playing an instrument, reading is a much more productive and high frequency way to spend your time than watching the quacking box in the corner. This also extends to writing as well – journaling, poems, or even stories, give it a go, writing is such a positive form of self expression.


This doesn’t have to be a religious thing if you don’t want it to be. A small table set with a few meaningful items – perhaps a nice cloth, a candle, some incense and a small vase with a fresh flower – can provide a real sanctuary and sacred space in your home where you can sit for meditation, reflection and to simply be. Other items you may like to have on your shrine or altar – things from nature like seashells, wood, stones, fossils. Crystals,  a bell, a Tibetan singing bowl (these are great for purifying he space and raising the energetic frequency), a small statue or rupa of an inspiring spiritual figure (I have Buddha), mala beads, a small notebook and pen for journaling, a mandala or other inspirational or meditative image. Anything that makes you feel happy, peaceful and calm.


Indulgent bath products (buy or make) and candles

To me there’s nothing more peaceful than relaxing in a warm Epsom or Himalayan salt bath with aromatherapy essential oils and candles. I read or just relax in the warm aromatic water. I sometimes treat myself to a mini facial with a scrub and masque. It’s a lovely slice of ‘me time’. I prefer to use natural products because I don’t want to absorb unnecessary chemicals into my body. I sometimes buy them and I sometimes make my own, which is really nice because I can control exactly what goes in and I can tailor them to my needs, plus it’s generally cheaper.

Aromatherapy bath salts are the easiest product to make yourself – just choose your salt (Epsom, Himalayan, sea salt or Dead Sea salt never table salt), pour into a big bowl, mix in two or three of your favourite essential oils, as a guide I would use seven drops per 500g salts. I also like to add in some finely grated cacao butter because when this goes into the warm bath it melts and as you get out it coats your skin like a rich moisturiser that smells amazing.

Warm soft fluffy towels

Before getting in of the bath I always ensure I have a warm fluffy soft towel waiting for me. It rounds off the experience perfectly. Hang it over the radiator to warm while your are bathing. When you get out it’s so lovely to coccoon yourself in a warm towel. Make sure it is a large bath sheet so you’re nice and covered.

What do you do to ensure your surroundings are assisting you on your path to health, happiness and fulfilment?

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