Create a High Vibrational Home Part 1

I have noticed that things that raise my energy frequency make me feel happier and more able to live my life from my heart and in flow with the universe.

We are all energy, as is everything else, and we can tune our energy to a higher vibration with the help of pure, clean plant based foods, and practices such as meditation, yoga, gratitude and creative pursuits.

But it’s not just about what we do, other things play a major role in our vibrational frequency. One of the biggest is our surroundings. Ever notice how even if you’re in a bad mood, going outside in nature, be it a park, garden, forest, beach or meadow, somehow just makes you feel better? You feel calmer, happier, more content. That’s because you are in high vibrational surroundings.

So it makes sense then, if we want to raise our vibration higher and for longer, to create an environment which facilitates that. We spend most of our time at home and work, and the environment we have the most control over is our own home.

There are many ways we can raise the energy frequency of our home, and we all have different things that resonate with us personally. But here I’ll share a few of the changes I have made to create my high vibrational home.

General – applies to all rooms

Energy clearing

This is the practice of transforming a rooms energy, used particularly when moving into a new house, or when trying to sell a house. However this is a good thing to do periodically in your own home, especially if you have been going through stress or conflict. Negative energy from arguments, unhappy times, stress, tension and struggle can stick to a space, and bring you down. Techniques often used to clear a rooms energy include:

Smudging – Light a white sage smudge stick (available from new age stores and online) and slowly walk around your space, swirling the smoke and repeating a positive statement of your intent, for example: ‘I clear all negative energy from this space. Only high vibrational, positive energy may remain’. You can also use a smudging feather to waft the smoke into corners.

Salt – Sprinkle sea salt over the floor, leave for an hour or so and then vacuum. Sea salt is fantastic for absorbing negative energy, think about sea salt baths or ocean bathing for healing.

Crystals – Place pieces of black tourmaline, hematite or black onyx around your home. Black tourmaline repels negative energy, so is great for placing in doorways and close to your front door. Black onyx absorbs negative energy, and hematite is grounding, protective and helps clear negative energy.

Physical clearing

De-cluttering and cleaning your home goes a long way to helping raise the vibration. Rooms with a lot of stuff attract dirt and dust, and also stops the energy from circulating and moving, thus causing stagnation. Aim to de-clutter and clean at least once a week and have a really good clear out and deep clean at the turn of each season. You’ll be amazed at how light your space will feel!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging your surroundings to be in harmony with the energy of the universe. The Chinese word for universal energy is Chi. Using Feng Shui principles to arrange the objects in your room helps the Chi to circulate properly and not get stuck or blocked. Either consult a good Feng Shui book or a qualified practitioner.


Essential oils are super concentrated plant extracts that contain all the information and energetic frequency of the plant they came from. Each oil has different properties, and the best ones to use for enhancing the energy of your home are lemon, pine, frankincense, lavender, rose, peppermint, juniper and orange.

Make a positive energy room spray by adding 25ml vodka and 50ml distilled water to a 100ml amber glass spray bottle. Add 20 drops of essential oils to the bottle, replace the top and shake vigorously to mix.

Nice combinations are:

  • Pine, peppermint and orange
  • Lemon, peppermint and rose
  • Frankincense, rose and lavender
  • Lemon, orange and juniper

Plants and flowers

Plants have the ability to transform a rooms energy, lifting the vibration and cleansing the air. Spider plants are particularly good at purifying a space. Flowers are super high vibrational and adding a vase of beautiful flowers to any room is an easy and fun way to instantly lift the energy.

Soft furnishings

The objects you have in your home can play an important part in the energy created there. If your furniture, bedding, wallpaper and the like are old, tatty, dusty, stained, peeling or just not what you would consider to be beautiful, this can affect how you feel in your space. Your home is meant to be your sanctuary, and filling it with things that resonate with you and make your heart sing will ensure your vibration stays high. You may not be able to replace all your furniture, and indeed you shouldn’t if it is functional as that is wasteful.

If you do wish to replace things, try to rehome them or give them to charity. But a quick and cost effective solution is to buy some gorgeous throws, cushions and fabrics in colours and textures you love. Then simply drape over sofas and armchairs, scatter with cushions and voilà, instantly transformed furniture. If you have plain coloured curtains you can drape contrasting coloured or patterned fabric over to jazz them up.

I like using beautiful sari fabric as it comes in stunning colours and patterns. You can buy these very cheaply on eBay. I have also used these to drape over white wardrobe doors to create a soft and pretty look in my bedroom. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make them into curtains to fit your windows. You may need to line them with plain linen so they block out the light when they are closed.


Art is also a great way to add your own high vibrational touch to a room. Find some pictures you love and that represent your ideals, values or goals and place them around your home. One of my friends has pretty inspirational quotes framed on her wall which looks lovely. Pictures of flowers, nature, beach or water scenes and photos of your loved ones all look great. And why not frame your vision board and make that into a piece of art? Have a read of my post on setting an intention for the year rather than New Years Resolutions and collage a beautiful picture out of your intention, frame it and place it on the wall in your bedroom.


Music can really change the energy of a room. Choose relaxing spa music for the bedroom and bathroom, and chillout, yoga, jazz or classical music for the living room and kitchen. I love listening to Jazz FM in the kitchen and albums like Bar de Lune Buddhist Chillout and Karma Lounge on iTunes in the rest of the house.

Check out the next post – Creat a High Vibrational Home Part 2 for ideas to raise the vibration of your kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom!


What do you do to ensure your surroundings are assisting you on your path to health, happiness and fulfilment?

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