Hello, I’m so glad you are here. I’m Natalie, a holistic health and lifestyle coach, and passionate foodie. I love food that is healthy, simple to make, kind to the planet and that tastes divine! My food is always vegan, wheat free and healthy, made with unprocessed, natural, organic ingredients. It is mostly low sugar, always refined sugar free, and sometimes raw. It is always tasty and simple to make.

Im all about creating health and happiness holistically, which means from a whole person perspective. Nutritious, plant based food is at the centre of my world, but as my health coaching teacher says, you can eat all the broccoli in the world, but if other important aspects of your life are not lighting you up, you’ll never achieve true health and happiness. We’re talking about physical activity, spirituality, work, relationships, creativity, family, passions and hobbies etc.

So I created this blog to share my own journey to holistic health and happiness, ideas, activities, recipes and techniques that work for me, in the hope that they might help you to achieve balance, ease and joy in your own life, as you walk your own path to health, happiness and fulfilment.

With the world almost at crisis point it is imperative we take action and change things now. But change has to start with ourselves. We need to commit to living better, gentler, greener, healthier, happier and more conscious lives, so that we are able to contribute to spreading the ripple effect throughout the world. If we are not nourished, happy and spiritually fulfilled ourselves, we will find it almost impossible to help others. So taking time to work on our own shit first, get our own lives together, get our own bodies functioning properly, living a life of passion and purpose, with awareness and joy, we are taking the first step to helping others and the planet.

So this blog has a second function as well, to contribute to spreading that ripple effect, and creating positive change throughout the world. It is my mission to help others make better, more conscious food and lifestyle choices, tread lighter on the planet and in turn help other beings achieve happiness and freedom.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and musings, if you ever want to get in touch please do, and feel free to suggest topics and ask any questions, I’d love your input to help shape this blog to be most useful to you. Oh, and of course please do share the posts that resonate with you, and help spread that ripple effect throughout the world! Together we are stronger and we can create positive people and planet transformation!

Wishing you health, happiness and fulfilment,

Natalie. x

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